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Early Bird Coffee
94/100 (1435 ratings)
Kávézó és teázó
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Vegán opciók
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Vegán opciók
"Pénteken jártam előszőr az Early Bird Coffee-ban. Csodálkozásomból még máig nem sikerült felocsúdnom. hiszen ez az egyedi kávézó,..."
Frenyó Krisztina
"Lovely coffee house with a wide range of beverages and fresh homemade croissants. The shop is run by a very nice couple, who put a lot of love into..."
Kat Bun
"You may have a hard time finding really good coffee in Budapest, but THIS is the best place for serious coffee lovers! And a wonderful, friendly..."
Per Karang
"A true little gem in the midst of downtown Budapest. If you want a lovely Parisian atmosphere with great coffee and friendly hospitality, this small..."
Anita Megyesi
"Being from Melbourne, I walked in and immediately felt at home. Coffee is delicious and I was so excited to see 'Golden latte' on the menu. I spent 2..."
George Janev
"Ha az ember egy barátságos helyen készült, jóleső speciality vagy bécsi pörkölésű kávéra vágyik, akkor érdemes egy rövidke kitérőt..."
Bőti László
"Fantasztikus hely! Mióta itt jártam, csak itt innám a kávémat, ha egy igazán frissítő, minőségi cappucino-ra vágyom. Biztosan visszatérek..."
Tímea Kara-Nagy
"Excellent coffee, gentle atmosphere, quiet street. The music that plays expresses the fine taste of the owner, who's shop puts an overworked..."
Bill Heck
"Amazing coffee �. Nice little shop. Lovely..."
Andreas Reisig
"Hangulatos hely, minőségi termékek, szuper..."
István Kovács
"Barátságos és hangulatos hely. Kedves kiszolgálás, isteni finom helyben sütött péksütemények és szendvicsek na meg persze a mennyei..."
Hajnal Piroska Tünde
"The perfect escape from the horrors of the Grandio hostel opposite. Beautiful coffee blends and swish decor, very stylish and the lady who was..."
Neil Baxandall
"love it. great coffee. friendly service. nice place. perfect break if you are in the 7th..."
Kati Strahl
"Köszönjük szépen, hogy itt lehettünk. Nagyon szuper kávét ittunk, ezen túl pedig rendkívül finom pitét ettünk. Reméljük hamarosan újra..."
Anita Csé
"Excellent service, very nice atmosphere and superb barista! They have Chai Tea Latte, my..."
Virág Radányi
"A tegnap nagyon finom kávét ittam nálatok!..."
Kinga Becze
London Coffee Society
92/100 (3818 ratings)
Kávézó és teázó
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Vegán opciók
Vegán opciók
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Eggs Benedict (Benedek tojás)
"Rarely can one find a place where the mind, body and soul can feed at once. All that is thanks to Kat and her team, the level of "feel good" is sky..."
Moussa Manning-Diabira
"Just finished a visit to Budapest and stayed down the street from this coffee shop. Stumbled upon it for a breakfast and couldn't have been happier..."
Todd Beckmann
"Thank you for lovely “psychedelic breakfast” Very friendly stuff and nice breakfast, amazing coffee with combination of pumping psytrance will..."
Michaela Sluneční Záře
"Perfect coffee & breakfast with absolutely excellent service. The place is really customer centric, so i would highly recommend to pop in and give it..."
Engelbrecht Ágnes
"I stayed in Budapest for 11 days and my family and I chose to eat breakfast here almost everyday! We loved the food and the staff so much! You..."
Madison Hornsby
"Really good food. Small sitting capacity which they serve very well. Groups of four or more will strugle with finding a table as there is only one..."
Monča Růža
"We have just had an amazing English breakfast here (baked beans, eggs, sour dough, ham...). It was yummy... We will be definitely coming back! Not..."
Vanda Stephenson-Tóth
"Great service! Creative design with Raw materials! Tasty Coffee! Cool story behind the making of the shop with an inspiring family..."
Douglas Boswell
"One of the best places to enjoy lovely breakfast and a wonderful cup of coffee in Budapest!! Just loved..."
Hana Rymešová
"I really love my experience at the coffee shop. Great coffee, friendly employees and a nice atmosphere. I recommend you..."
Emily Hill
"If Coffee is your "cup of tea" and you're into unique-good vibes then "LCS" is your spot. Give it a try! ;) Fresh, good food, great coffee, and..."
Patrick Hliva
"Perfect coffe and sophistacated breakfast for all tastes in a small but smart designed place in downtown..."
Bianka Mezey
"It's amazing place in #Budapest. Breakfast was delicious ���� Good place to start another day in this beautiful city..."
Małgorzata Lektarska
"Place is very hip,staff are super cute!Coffee is great.Loved the separate hot and cold tap in the restroom-so very British..."
Edit Bereczki
"Excellent place , great service , the food is fresh and healthy Warmly..."
Jess Alhadeff Goldenberg
"Great place with wonderful staff and perfect..."
Ariadna Gheorghe
Centrál Kávéház és Étterem
88/100 (4805 ratings)
Vegán opciók
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Vegán opciók
Késő éjszakai
Rántott hús
"This is one of the best restaurant I visited in the Budapest. The breakfast was delicious. The coffee was smooth! Most importantly, if you wonder..."
Edith Lao
"Really good service, nice admosphere, good selection, perfect place for a..."
Steinþóra Þórisdóttir
"Ristretto is good, cappuccino has a great taste, and lemonade is as it should be, in one word tasty. So enjoy the view in a great place..."
Dorin Bro
"Have wanted to visit Centrál for a while and was pleased to have the opportunity to call in for breakfast this week. The staff were friendly and..."
Andrew Bradmore
"Lovely, historical and warm place in Budapest! You have to visit it and take a coffe or a..."
Anna Estartús
Erin Chen
"Great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Lovely fresh salon with old style glamour. Attentive service and good products. Great stop for coffee..."
Simon Buskell
"Great and quite place in center of Budapest - Pest. Amazing coffee and..."
Judith Jassogne
"Must visit place in Budapest for all coffee lovers amazing atmosphere beautiful serving quality coffee..."
Vasko Jovanovski
"A hely...valami elkepeszto, hihetetlen tortenelemmel... A szemelyzet baratsagos, felszolgalom (Lajos bacsi) nagyon korrekt, becsuletes, es jo..."
Miklós Káplár
"Kedves, mosolygós, rendkívülien segítőkész személyzet, csodaszép épület és nagyon finom latte. Tökéletes..."
Anikó Erika Pókáné Kovács
Sock's Coffee
86/100 (783 ratings)
Kávézó és teázó
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Vegán opciók
Gluténmentes lehetőségek
Vegán opciók
"A nice little gem! Friendly staff, good service, tasty and satisfying food...not much else to ask for really! Also the option of writing a message on..."
Vanita Vala
"Sock’s Coffee was our favorite place on our many country 6 week trip. We went every morning for the week we were in Budapest for our coffee and..."
Deborah Faircloth
"Én Csongor utcában lévő üzletbe jártam már többször. Nagyon kedves és figyelmes a személyzet. Finom a..."
Anikó Magyar
"Would come back to Budapest just for that place! Excellent service, affordable and great coffee..."
Lubo Latev
"Nagyon kedvesek és figyelmesek voltak hozzám. Minden kérdésemre (pl CH tartalom) igyekeztek válaszolni. Finom volt a kókuszgolyó, cappuccino..."
Hajni Kalapos Cseri
"Been there for the breakfast... Not even in italy i can always find such a Very well Done cappuccino. Great..."
Fabio Campitelli
"Amazing coffee; hot chocolate;..."
Miglena Lateva
"Mindig minden isteni finom, a kávé és a sütemények egyaránt! Nem lehet rosszat választani..."
Laura Mészáros
"Best coffee and deserts i had in europe, highly recommended should be one of Budapest on must visit..."
Michael Lesh
"A kedvenc helyem! :) Mindenből van minden mentes, és isteniek a sütik. A chai latte-ról nem is..."
Dr-Horváth Tanka Enikő
"Best coffee in Budapest � hario V60 with Rozi..."
Ole Wiggo Lian
"The best latte in the world plus I appreciate the allergen free offer :) love..."
Magdalena Cizek